The Man of My Dreams

Praise & Reviews

“Sittenfeld proves herself once again to be a rigorous and wily stylist. She writes clear, funny, unadorned prose, and packs her pages with clever observations without appearing to be trying. This kind of intelligent self-effacement is harder and harder to come by in new fiction…The Man of My Dreams shows us a writer who is in it for the long haul.”
—The New York Times Book Review

The Man of My Dreams is intelligent and insightful…it offers more evidence that Sittenfeld is a clear thinker, a canny observer and a solid, graceful stylist.”
—The Washington Post

“The exciting thing about Sittenfeld, aside from her remarkably lucid, incisive prose, is that she has the potential to carve out a new place, based largely on the strength of that prose, for every woman who wants to write (or read) good fiction about growing up and messing up — just the way the boys do — without being issued a stigma and a cutesy cover.”
—The San Francisco Chronicle

“It is easy to feel close to Hannah, to feel that she is someone you have known, or have been…[Her story] is an ordinary, routine journey of divorce, remarriage, boyfriends had and lost, but Sittenfeld makes it captivating, like another family’s home movies. She writes in the third person, inside Hannah’s head, which turns reading into something closer to eavesdropping…Because Sittenfeld is so good at bringing Hannah to life, she is also very good at getting you to turn the pages…Sittenfeld’s ear for dialogue is always sharp, and her observations can be shiver-inducing.”

The Man of My Dreams is so free of tricks, the honesty is so startling, you feel there’s a writer here who isn’t trying to beguile you but to lay out some plain , raw truth about emotions and sex. This is a courageous, refreshing novel.”
—Alice Munro